23 April 2017
08 — 09 April 2017
19 — 23 April 2017
07 — 08 April 2017
23 — 30 March 2017
6th International New Music Master Classes COURSE
Kyiv       Lviv
24 — 31 March 2017
Polish films at the Docudays UА Festival
16 March 2017
01 March 2017

Doomed Soldiers National Remembrance Day

Memory of the 1944-1956 anti-communist underground fighters finally received recognition with...

20 February 2017

Polish Institute recommends

The National Forum of Music is the City of Wrocław institution of culture, co-governed by the...

17 February 2017

Polish Institute recommends

Invitation for medical doctors worldwide to come to Kraków for the 3rd McMaster International...


Polish Institute in Kiev open to cooperation with institutions of culture and individualswho have interesting ideas and projects for joint implementation.

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